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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Tell nothing. Silently


Who did not get used to ask children but only disposes, that thinks that requests are an infinite debate and arrangements, altercations and disputes.Actually requests of disputes do not cause, and in a family where the culture of a request is developed, its nonperformance the rare occurence.Then all are upset.And this alarm conducts to strengthening of sincere communication, but not to its destruction as happens at outstanding requirements.The request also differs from the order of subjects that on the order it is necessary to insist not to lose prestige, and on a request, on the contrary, it is impossible to insist.

It has a great

To present and show a mimicry a condition of a dog who was turned out, a hungry kitten, the asking milk at the hostess.To express a condition of the hostess at whom the cat or a goat was gone.To represent the guilty cat who stole sausage and then to feel for it sympathy.The cat in a corridor cries.It has a great grief: Angry people to a poor cat Do not allow to steal some sausage.B.Zakhoder Exercises for neck muscles The cat washes.To turn the head to the left to lick an upper lip, to turn the head to the right to lick a lower lip.

And children

And about salt, of course, I know: I will fill salt in a saltcellar Not to spill out quietly.Mother of coffee very much loves, For it the coffee pot serves.And for soup a tureen, I know everything, I the clear head.And children will guess, How it is called?N.Nishcheva Pick up to the word couple.Pictures with the image of products salad, soup, crackers, juice, sauce, salt, oil, sugar give all the best.Dunno asks where it is possible to put or pour these products?

And the same

And the same tone what ask, for example: You do not know, whether we will arrive soon?I is unexpected for itself and the more so for the neigbour asked her: Forgive, you do not know, what such happiness?The woman with a small volume of Chekhov in hands appeared the remarkable interlocutor.She did not begin to ask me, why I asked such strange question, did not begin to answer straight off: The happiness is, she did not tell me that happiness when you understand, or that such happiness is everyone understands in own way, did not begin to speak quotes: no, she covered the book and long was silent, looking in a window, thought.

The positive

It was happy, I too.And nobody suffered!The most pleasant part of this history that the next morning Tom was to a table with clean hands and then always washed them before food.The positive result was reached without punishment.This example once again proves, what effect can achieve, indicating children in what they already succeeded.Sometimes it is given ; work as our belief in need of punishment is still too strong.Be sensitive to each other In conflict situations it is important to be able to leave from clarification of the one who is right and who is not right.

Only the praise

And it means that, playing, kids improve a speech motility and seize voice modulations.It is impossible to reproach the child at failures.Only the praise and encouragement will give to the child confidence in the forces and will help to seize quicker this or that movement, so, to seize the correct pronunciation of sounds of the speech quicker.Exercises on development of the correct speech breath and voice Formation of the correct speech breath, except for elaboration of physiological diafragmalny breath, is carried out in the course of the general speech development, in parallel with development of an articulation and voice.


Development of a voice, pereklyuchayemost of bodies of the articulation device and the coordinated work of lips and language Pronouncing syllabic combinations.Teasers Belchat.Pronouncing syllables oh, bubo; ohbu@; bubo by a low and loud voice, cheerfully and angry.Development of phonemic perception Game Catch a Sound with.Words sledge, strawberry, rainbow, table, chair, goat, poppy, goal, Masha.It is correct incorrectly.A number of words correctly and with the changed structure of sounds, for example is said: the doll, a vukla, a fist, rolls, a forehead, nob, and children answer, correctly or the word is incorrectly told.

It I just

It I just in case: You know, who my neighbors?Foxes, wolves and bears!B.Zakhoder Quiet time Hundred children And hundred girls All lie And all are silent, very silently You lie, And I lie You are silent, And I am silent, silently Fly of the village to me more loudly On a finger Also asked: You were overslept?loudly Finger fly I drive away And again I fall asleep, silently I sleep.A.Bartho Work on expressiveness of a voice Tasks: to form ability to change height and a timbre of a voice, duration and force of its sounding at children; to learn it is correctly to use melodikointonational means of expressiveness; to learn to distinguish on hearing and to use different types of intonation in the independent speech: request, order, question and narration.

When you so do, children

Watch intonation of a voice Intonation of a voice has special value in communication with the child.Even without penetrating into sense of words, only on intonation, he already understands that you want to inform to it.Avoid in conversation of rough and sharp expressions, do not impose increased requirements and, first of all, do not forge the voice under the childs voice.When you so do, children feel the humiliated.In conversation with children use a lexicon, characteristic for adults, and let children ask you values of words, new to them, more often.


I told that the parent wants to make the child by that whom he wanted, but did not manage to become.But it is necessary to add: any parent suppressed in due time at the same time does not want that his child received from life more, than he received.Parents who do not lead full life, will not allow also children to be live.And such parent always has an exaggerated fear of the future.He hopes that children will be rescued by discipline.Absence of confidence in itself compels it to accept idea of god who can force the person to be good and honest.

MEETING On the right

There were fingers Hurrah!It is time to go for parade.Serially to unbend fingers, since the big.Then to touch by a thumb all others to awake.Along with exclamation Hurrah!to unclench a cam, having widely placed fingers in the parties.MEETING On the right handle fingers.On the left handle fingers.Came it is time to meet them Prepare small suitcases Fingers of the right hand in turn to greet fingers of the left hand, touching to each other with tips WAVE The full moon shines Behind a wave the wave runs, The wind blows on a scope, And all night long the sea excites Waves quiet measured noise Idle mind lulls But so long harmfully to sleep Long ago it is time for us to rise.

The child

If the boy on the street brought down from me a hat a clay lump, and I would catch it and clouted, the boy would count my reaction to absolutely natural, his soul was not done any harm.But if I went to the director of his school and demanded to punish a crime, the fear connected with this punishment very much would damage to the child.Business would turn at once into a question of moral and punishment.The child would feel probably that committed a crime.It is easy to imagine this scene!

The violence

Corporal punishment increases aggression of the child, vandalism at school and on the street.The violence involves new violence.Corporal punishment can do irreparable harm to physical, intellectual, spiritual or emotional development of your child.Corporal punishment reduces mental abilities of your child in the solution of creative tasks and thus slows down educational process.Corporal punishment restrains your child in legitimate right for equal social protection.


Despite a big variety of the logopedic literature which appeared recently in the book market search of new effective methods of correctional work is not excluded.Use of various forms and methods of work results in efficiency in elimination of speech violations.Overcoming of shortcomings of a pronunciation demands a certain system and special methods of correctional work.Working methods on elimination of speech and psychophysical violations as known in preschool and correctional pedagogy, and developed by the author are presented in the book.

Well! Remember, how many

It seems to us that if he today, in the third class, badly studies, so will be always both today, and always.Well!Remember, how many stories around: did not study, did not study and suddenly became reasonable.Late?But it is better late and most, than earlier, but under pressure.In education, as well as in the novel, too is various suddenly, not considered by pedagogics.The girl goes to school by tram and without ticket.How many neither reproached her, nor shamed, threatened with controlers does not buy tickets, and all.

We by all means

All of us are brought up on habitual models of ancient pedagogical belief, anywhere not to leave from them.We will influence too children, to bring up them, in bad sense of the word; we too people, and, so in us the passion to education too boils.We by all means will both teach children, and to accustom them, without having on that force and time, both to encourage, and to punish; but it is useful to see also the bad party of such education.I was told by the young engineer from Angarsk: Companions came to the tenyearold son, sit talk.

Houses to the child

House morals for the small: the obedient disobedient, well eats badly eats, cleaned up toys did not clean up a toy.The domestic morals are much wider and more rigid.Houses to the child the best piece, and in the yard got to with all.Greedy person, piece of sausage!or The greedy person, a double drum who on it plays, that is a cockroach.The first childrens precept be not greedy!Give!Share!It is unfair that one had a piece of bread, and at another was not.

With a great

With a great interest the game situation connected with the subject Transport is perceived by children.In it the following game exercises are used: the car drives in the tunnel lips are extended, the mouth is slightly opened, the car goes on the equal road laying of wide language on a lower lip, gorochka, the car moves down from a gorochka the tip of language rests against the lower teeth, and the back of language is raised, to turn to the right, then on the left the movements of language to the leftto the right, the car approached the high mountain the tip of language is raised to upper teeth, the car travels over the mountain language roundabouts under the top and lower lips, the car approached a hole a uvula cup, decayed the motor a pronunciation of a sound of ttttt, will start the motor pronouncing a sound dddd and sound combinations of JJJJ, the chamber was punctured a sound pronunciation shshshshsh, lets stick a chamber language roundabouts on the upper and lower lip, lets pump a chamber the sound of ssssss is said.

This decisive

Again in one thousand times opportunities and in thousands of times dangers increase.Also the inner world is reconstructed.With the first step development goes huge rates.This decisive time of education full supervision and, therefore, full internal freedom.The first step of the child is and the first is impossible.There it is impossible, you will fall, you will break!Here, perhaps, the most hot spot of education: the first month after the child learned to go.


It is natural that at each class the measure of people, the best people, the idea of the truth, or, it is possible to tell, the truth.Therefore the truth is a class phenomenon, as well as everything that on it is based: outlook, ideology, morals, moral, policy, law, pedagogics, art.The truth is not so important for a work of art, in the book mermaids and devils can act, and historical actions can be shifted and attributed to fictional persons.But the question what, whose truth is reflected by the artist is extremely important, what person he appreciates above all, whether he appreciates the person in general as far as his creations are close to the truth.

Pour the paint

Everything is ready, start working.Pour the paint dissolved in turpentine on water if typographical, it is not necessary to mix it with turpentine.Paint begins the movement on water.For acceleration of the movement blow on water, then on paper there will be freakish escapes of paint.Everything has to occur quickly enough.Cover with paper water and quickly remove paper.Otherwise on a leaf there will be too much paint or stains will merge together, and on paper there will be simply a spot.

The revolution

The revolution which happened imperceptibly for us, but much more considerable on the consequences, than the largest discoveries.After all if we do not want that our children were beaten and threatened them with a beating, so we believe that the person can be trained and brought up without fear, we believe that the child is not necessary, it is not obligatory to keep in awe, what not the fear of terrestrial and punishment beyond the grave keeps the person in some framework, moves acts of the person, and something another!

The shame

Conscience wakens from love, at the sight of the caused sufferings.The shame in all cases arises when the person is afraid that people close and dear to it will think of it badly.Power of shame depends not on that, how often we shame, and from as far as we are close and dear to the child.The shame cannot be inspired, the shame nature, we saw, does not allow to inspire it.The boy can repeat one thousand times: It has to be a shame to you!but to it it is not a shame, and it can do nothing with itselfhimself even if feels guilty that is not a shame to it.

Remarkably, as language

Rest and will love and conscience.Remarkably, as language contains precisely the same image of happiness, as at Pushkin, and besides the art.We speak: cloudless happiness.Nothing threatens, does not disturb.The world, rest cloudlets in the sky.We speak: serene happiness.Nothing confuses to a shower, the clear conscience, is not present internal contentions, mutiny.The world round the person, the world in soul of the person Cloudlessness and serenity.

After all if we received

Now it is possible to specify this reason.After all if we received an award only for achievement, the nature would resemble a central board which pays an award only for the plan, for a shaft, considers one: executed did not execute, achieved did not achieve.But the nature is wiser, it awards us and for aspirations.From the point of view of a biological bezopasnostMy it is more important bezopasnostiYa, the look is more expensive than an individual.Therefore the desire which was born from bezopasnostiMy from aspiration to development is awarded in itself, regardless of that, it is executed or not.


The logopedist says words the car, a sledge, incorrectly putting an accent.Children correct.Sound analysis of words Called on sounds us and ask, than we designate them?Circles.Sound analysis of words bowl, bear.Comparison of these words.Fizminutka Represent a mimicry and poses subjects and the beings seen by you in the Wonderland.On onon, we represent an elephant.Wu vuvu, we will represent an owl.Afafaf, we will stand as an old case.

And here

But everything was for nothing.And here she incidentally noticed in a bedroom at the son two guns shooting water.Having grabbed water guns, she invitingly shouted; Forward!Lets do some shooting from these guns in a bathroom!They have nicely fun!Well, and the son, of course, bathed.Perhaps, it not absolutely that you would like to make, but these examples are given here in order that you used the imagination.Dilute educational process with a joke, and it will bring more joy to you and your child!

Avoid to speak

In a conflict situation we need to formulate our own problem, but not a problem of the child.Avoid to speak to it: You have to learn to clean up.Tell better: I will not allow you to leave behind such disorder in the general room.Apparently from the table of selfesteem, it is not difficult to reconsider the concern and to transform it to a selfesteem form.Your first attempts in application of the paraphrased statements can represent for you some complexity, but do not give up.

I hammered

Remembering early school days when my communication with companions was limited to skirmishes and fights, I saw that took a huge step forward.I hammered together and painted nearly a half of all scenery.Schoolmates respected me for creative abilities.I learned that it is easier to come into contact with the person when we are together occupied kakimto with the business interesting us.In the summer of the first year in college I worked in hospital for children with emotional problems.

The breath

To lift language up and to lower down, having put out it from a mouth.Cup.To make cup of language.In the Car a cup I will pour orange juice, in Colin apple, to Dimina plum.What juice to pour to you, Sasha?Development of speech breath and voice We smell cultivated flowers roses, chrysanthemums.The breath through a nose, exhaled a mouth.Harvesting.We break apple from a high branch.The initial position to stand directly.

The red gloves, mittens, fly agarics. What

Game exercise

Approach a case.Take a mouse.Put a mouse between a nested doll and a horse, and then sit down on a place.Occupation Automation of a sound sh in syllables with confluence of consonants Development of an articulation motility Work on voice Storing and reproduction of a syllabic row in combination with the movement.Game exercise We weightlifters.Shtashta, shtashta; shtushtushtushtu we lift and we put a bar.Conversation of the Cheburashka and Tumbler toy.

Before thought, as if the person

I am not a thief.Before thought, as if the person not the thief because he does not steal.Actually he does not steal because he knows about himself: he is not a thief.This thin, not at once clear distinction leads to very important pedagogical consequences.After all if to the person, like the Gogol official, it is represented as if he is the Spanish king, he also behaves respectively: does not rise before the department director That I got up before it never!also undersigns on important paper Ferdinand VIII.


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